Just what is secondary damages, how do i prevent it?

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You may have been reading online about what to do if you suffer from a flood and how important it is to contact a profession, such as what we provide at Rapid Restoration.  Well, if a broken water pipe is the existing problem for instance, you need to first turn off the water source and call Rapid Restoration. Did your sump pump fail during a power outage? Then, get a plumber out as soon as possible to repair or replace the sump pump. In either case, the source needs to be addressed before any clean up can begin. And remember, quick response is the key to mitigating, or minimizing, the loss in water damage. Failure to react quickly can lead to "secondary damage", commonly referred to as moisture damage. Secondary damage is caused as a direct result of the primary damage or incident. Primary damage would be wet carpet, drywall, and anything else that came in direct contact with the initial water source. Below are some common causes of secondary damage:
  • Typically accompanies a water damage incident that is either extensive or not cleaned up in a timely manner, perhaps one that was undiscovered for an extended time.
  • Damage that is caused by improper recovery procedures such as dehumidification that is inadequate to the facility size or rate of evaporation.
  • Damage caused by unknown conditions that are either missed or not accessible during the initial assessment phase.
  • Damage that is caused by either failure to respond in a timely manner or inability to respond in cases such as buildings under investigation.

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