At Rapid Restoration some of the services we offer are Contents-Pack Out’s, Storage, Fire Restoration, and Water Damage. before you throw it out! Let us pack it up and transport it to our warehouse to be photographed, documented, cleaned and restored.
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Contents-Pack Out’s, Storage, Fire Restoration, and Water Damage

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“If water has damaged your property, let the trained experts at Rapid Restoration carefully pack, transport, store, clean and restore your belongings for you.”

At Rapid Restoration our technicians can pack out all of your belongings during any restoration project. At the beginning of this process we will inventory everything that is in need of being removed from the property to be restored, we will work side by side with you documenting each and every item and its pre existing conditions vs. the condition it is in when we arrive. After a flood or fire, your items could range from be water damaged from the process of putting out a fire or they may have a large amount of soot particles or smoke odors on them.

Contacting us immediately will ensure that our teams will respond quickly, avoiding any secondary damages that can occur from waiting; such as mold or set in stains that may not have a chance of restoration. Keep in mind not to touch anything, it could contain dangerous contaminates or even just touching anything soot covered with your bare hands can smudge and set in the soot with your natural oils from your finger tips. We perform total restoration on all of your contents, some may be able to be done onsite but we also offer pack outs of the items then when the project is completed we will return your belongings to you like new. We use professional drying equipment, tools, cleaning products tailors for all textiles and special hydro machines that can safety clean any objects that are too delicate to touch. Call us with your contents damage job at 800-267-6030.



At Rapid Restoration we can handle any size content pack out you may have for us, a challenge is never passed up, there is always a solution to Our crews have packed out, stored and restored many flood and fire damages over the past 25 years. Let us pack up and transport your belongings to our climate controlled warehouse where it will be cleaned and restored for you to as new as we can make it look despite pre existing issues.


At Rapid Restoration we are available for 24 hour a day for pack outs and restoration services for fire damage, flood damage, mold and water damages. We provide all cleaning and disinfecting with our trained and certified staff who is trained to deal with how to properly store and keep your items secure. Our crews have been doing contents pack outs for more than 25 years, we know that these items are important and sometime sentimental for you and we will take every precaution to keep your belonging safe and bring the luster and life back into them. We can restore most every this from electronics, computers, HD televisions and furniture we even have a close relationship to dry cleaning services that can help with your clothing and linens. Some of the items you believe to be unsalvageable we just may be able to stun you with the results we can achieve is little time.


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