At Rapid Restoration some of the services we offer are Document Drying and Document Restoration.a major advantage when trying to maintain the activities of a company or organization during a disaster.
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Document Drying and Document Restoration

For 24 hour emergency service call 800-267-6030

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“Have your important documents  been "ruined" by a flood?  Do not throw them away it might not be that bad!  Rapid Restoration technicians can dry and restore those documents for you."

The professionals at Rapid Restoration understand how devastating flooding can be, especially when your belongings are affected things that are important can be lost. We have the training and products to restore your important documents. If you have books, important documents, or any other material which have been soaked from a flood, firefighting or another incident, there is some good news for you:  the wet or smoke and fire damaged material can be saved in most cases. However, you need to take the appropriate steps to insure their successful recovery and restoration. The single most important step you can take at this time is to can and let us guide you through the steps needed to prepare your wet materials for a successful recovery. Or, make arrangements for our on-site, mobile freeze-drying apparatus to visit your location and start the recovery process right away. Call us for any damaged document restoration it's that easy, at 800-267-6030.


If you have had a flood or water damage in your home recently and your papers and documents got damaged don’t panic. let the experts at Rapid Restoration dry and restore them all for you. We have the equipment to carefully pack and transport them to our climate controlled warehouse where we dry them and restore any damage that had occurred. Our teams are professionals and when needed you can call us to restore your damaged documents at 800-267-6030 24 hours a day.


At Rapid Restoration every document recovery situation is different. Until you've decided how to proceed, you can actually cause more damage by moving wet papers, which can disintegrate unless handled by professionals or set in soot damage by smudging and sealing in odors by leaving them in place. Knowing what to do and how to store your wet documents is crucial to successfully recovering them as best a possible. All of our teams have the capability to back up all restored documents on a computer hard drives or disks as well. Trust the company that has more than two decades of satisfied clients. We have the crews on call anytime, prepared and ready for any restoration service 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Contact us to do any document drying job at 800-267-6030.

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