At Rapid Restoration some of the services we offer are Electronics Restoration and Electronics Drying.We very carefully remove all screws and completely take apart the electronics so that we can begin from the inside out.
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Electronics Restoration and Electronics Drying

For 24 hour emergency service call 800-267-6030

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“If any of your electronics have been damaged by fire,  Do Not turn them on! Call the specialists at Rapid Restoration to professionally fix them for you.”

At Rapid Restoration we specialize in electronic restoration and cleaning. Our crews will clean and dry televisions, computers, radios, sound equipment, lighting and hand held devices and phones. If your computer is beyond restoring, there are experts  that can save the information off of the original hard drive so that you don't lose any important data you may have stored with in. We have the equipment to assess and repair most damages that your electronics may may have suffered from. Trust the teams that are trained and certified in all levels of restoring these type of delicate items. Before you toss out or recycle your damaged electronics, contact us. You may be surprised what you can salvage. Call us for any damaged electronic restoration at 800-267-6030.


Rapid Restoration has expert technicians that can completely restore electronic equipment or systems damaged by water, fire, or smoke using state of the art hydro sonic system, freeze drying and sometimes manual part disabling and cleaning from within. With years of success in restoration, we have policies and procedures for decontaminating and cleaning a wide variety of electronic equipment. If you need your electronics restored just give us a call  at 800-267-6030.


At Rapid Restoration we specialize in cleaning and restoring most any electronics that have suffered from fire damage, water damages, mold or flood damage. We clean and restore  TV's (LCD, plasma, etc..), stereo equipment, home appliances, computer components and many other electronics. We have more than 25 years of  satisfied clients. Contact us at 800-267-6030 for any electronic restoration services, day or night 365 days a year.

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