At Rapid Restoration some of the services we offer are Odor Control, Odor Problems, Odor Removal.The mold remediation process is one of the times when mold spores are most likely to be disturbed into the air.
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Odor Control, Odor Problems, Odor Removal

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"At Rapid Restoration we specialize in odor removal and odor control. We have all the right equipment to neutralize and kill most any odor problem you may be facing."

All of our Rapid Restoration technicians are certified and trained to eliminate all kinds of odor problems: smoke, protein, mildew and septic just to name a few. For all neutralization of the smells you are experiencing we use ozone machines, HEPA air cleaners, vapor-tech deodorization machines, thermal foggers, ULV foggers, injectable disinfectants and green products upon request. Some of these problem that we can contain and remove are smoke odor,microbial odors and many other potent odors. Call us with any odor removal job at 800-267-6030.


Rapid Restoration specializes in the removal of severe odors such as fire and smoke. Some odors require multiple professional products, systems and specialty equipment to get rid of. Often multiple treatments are necessary during the restoration process but don't panic! We will rid your building or belongings of these noxious odors no matter how hard it may seem to eliminate we will get it done. Contact our dispatchers around the clock, any time its that easy at 800-267-6030 with any odor problem you experience.

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