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We where very happy with the services preformed by Master Care Restoration LLC. Please feel free to call us any time. Master Care Restoration is one of the emergency service contractors used by the Restoration Connection Network.


Peter Gibson, Northville MI, 2 Floods, 248-763-7841

Colleen Burton, Livonia MI, Mold, 734-788-7988

Tim Eatman, Ann Arbor MI, Mold, 734-645-2328

Joe Bujak, Kimball MI, Flood, 810-367-4372

Medical Netwok One, Rochester MI, Commercial Flood 248-475-4732

Dan Dennis, Troy MI, Flood, 248-265-4471

Douglas Lemon, Livonia MI, Flood, 248-478-7038

Kieth Feldt, Waterford MI, Flood, 248-767-4645 

Doug Howard, Adrian MI, Mold, 734-660-9876

Pat Nagle, Ypslanti MI, Flood, 734-323-4934

Monique Mayweather, Oak Park MI, Fire, 313-790-3188

George Lapastora, Harper Woods MI, Flood, 313-212-3145

Christ Child House, Detroit MI, Flood & Fire, 313-584-6077

Jonca Law Group, Garden City MI, Commercial Flood, 734-812-3164

Danielle Lidster, White Lake MI, Flood, 248-881-9944

Hermant Shah, Garden City MI, Flood, 734-812-3164

Edith Rosenberg, Ann Arbor MI, Flood, 734-677-7719

Christin Parham, Rochester MI, Flood, 248-318-2245

Barbra Vanover, Allen Park MI, Flood, 734-282-3332

Ken Price, Southfield MI, Mold, 248-497-9013

Ariel Galivan, Auburn Hills MI, Fire, 248-219-3480

Beth Anderson, Garden City MI, Fire, 734-444-4324

Affiliates In Urology, Taylor MI, Flood, 734-223-9775

Tom Weick, Woodhave MI, Flood, 734-675-8388

Broder & Sachse Man. Co, Warren MI, Flood, 248-412-3185

Canvister Management, West Bloomfield MI, 3 Floods, 734-699-9510

411 Lofts, Ann Arbor MI, 2 Floods, 734-389-3561

Lenox Twp, Library, New Haven MI, Board Up, 586-749-3430

Tim Blach, Clinton Twp MI, Fire, 586-943-9500

Kelly Pendelton, Saint Chair Shores MI, Board Up, 586-675-5921

Mrs. Myers, Novi MI, Flood, 248-344-0909

Stuart Ferguson, Plymouth MI, Flood, 248-613-9048

Mike G., Macomb MI, Flood, 586-286-1158

Nick Ariganello, Trenton MI, Flood, 734-676-6196

Kathy Tazzia, Grosse Pointe Shores MI, Flood, 313-881-3029 

Wayne McDermitt, Charelton MI, Flood, 734-676-0188

Stephine Olsen, Northville MI, Flood, 269-408-8569

Majid Daboul, West Bloomfield MI, Flood, 248-974-6195

Maria Letzman, Grosse Pointe MI, Flood, 313-469-6971

Mrs. Hover, Westland MI, Carpet Cleaning, 313-399-8254

Joe Kafati, Macomb MI, Flood, 586-992-3063

Fox Sports Bar, Metro Air Port, Smoke Odor Removal, 734-516-7602

Eric Chiang, Canton MI, Flood, 734-846-1777

Mr. Li, Canton MI, Flood, 734-612-9513




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