At Rapid Restoration some of the services we offer are Sub Pump Failure – Basement Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration. We will provide you with commercial and residential services done by highly trained and certified professionals. If you experience a sump pump failure which has resulted in water damages to your home or business contact the experts. We will make sure the project is managed in a appropriate time frame. Our teams are basement water damage restoration pros.
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Sub Pump Failure – Basement Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

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“Sump pump failure can cause serious problems for you and your property. Our experts have the necessary equipment to professionally take care of the flood and restore your belongings.”

The experts at Rapid Restoration know just how upsetting a broken sub pump can be to your basement and property and also frustrating it is if it causes the basement to retain water. Excessive rain that overloads the pump and mechanical failure are the most common causes of flooding. If this happens to your home or business it can damage everything you have stored down there that is not well protected. We can clean up the area and restore your contents to the best of our capabilities. Our staff is certified and trained in all phases of the restoration process. With 25 years of satisfied customers and successful jobs we should be the first call you make. Contact us with your project at 800-267-6030.


Basement flooding in your home or business will cause what is know as a mini-weather system.  Draining the water isn't a race, lets say the water is just a couple of feet deep.  We want to work slowly because if you extract it too fast, you could create the equivalent of a low-pressure system down there. Physics or psychometric wise, going at a pace that is too quick could create a higher pressure on the outside walls that could possibly cause the walls to collapse and this could be a catastrophe. Our technicians know how to complete the process in the most effective way to minimize any possibility of these secondary damages.



Sub pump flooding can be caused by mechanical problems or just be plain old aging of the appliance itself. We have numerous methods for cleanup of any failure and cleanup needed. At Rapid Restoration we know how tough things are and we will be more than happy to help you with your problems whether you have insurance coverage or not there is always a solution to your budget. We promise to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Our teams will assist with any damages you have and restore your belongings. Contact us with any basement flood damages at 800-267-6030.

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