At Rapid Restoration some of the services we offer are Tropical Storm Wind Damage and Flood Cleanup. the only way to guarantee your safety 100% would be to throw out anything that has been damaged by the storm waters, but we can help you figure out what is salvageable.
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Tropical Storm Wind Damage and Flood Cleanup

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"Winds from a tropical storm can be very dangerous to your property. Wind can damage your building, allowing flood waters to enter your structure.  f you are in need of assistance with wind damages or flood cleanup call in the professionals at Rapid Restoration."

When returning to your home after a hurricane or flood warning or evacuation, be aware that flood water may contain raw sewage and other dangerous materials that can pose a threat to your health. Protect yourself and your family by having the professionals at Rapid Restoration clean and sanitize structure and belongings for you. We are industry leaders in tropical storm damage clean up, we specialize in emergency disaster restorations and will provide you with the most excellent service.  Contact us with any wind or water damage restoration job at 800-267-6030, 24/7 were here to help you.


TROPICAL STORM FLOOD CLEANUP: We will remove materials that are damaged, some items can be salvaged and restored let us help you decipher the difference and create a detailed report of the property and the damage that needs to be addressed. Rapid Restoration knows the only way to guarantee your safety 100% would be to throw out anything that has been damaged by the storm waters, but we can help you figure out what is salvageable. We can remove all standing water, and prevent or contain any mold or mildew. Trust in our 25+ years experience in restoration industry. 

WIND DAMAGE: With storms the presence of extreme winds can cause some major damage. Debris hitting windows or trees collapsing and damaging roofing can be of concern. Rapid Restoration can completely restore your property after suffering from any kind of issue. Our teams will board up the broken windows, doors and make sure your roof has been tarped if needed to prevent any further invasion of weather during the rebuild. Call us with any flood damage restoration job at 800-267-6030.

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